Most visited scientists during last week

Ph.D. Snježana Kordić, Visiting professor

Ph.D. Saša Zelenika, Full professor

Assoc.Prof. Milan Kujundžić, Assistant professor

Ph.D. Ružica Beljo-Lučić, Associate professor

Ph.D. Tatjana Jukić, Associate professor

M.Sc. Dinka Pančić, Research Assistant

M.Sc. Danko Markovinović, Instructor

Assoc.Prof. Tonči Matulić, Assistant professor

Prof. Krešimir Rotim, Full professor

Ph.D. Branko Grčić, Full professor

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Who is Who in Croatian Science
  The project was financed by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport (MSES) in 2002, in 2003 and 2004 the IRB Library worked on the project voluntarily and in 2005 it was, as an e-project, financed by the MSES, too.

This project intends to provide an interactive interface that enables researchers to input data on themselves and make them more visible in the public. At the same time, data can be browsed or searched by the general public according to several parameters.

Project objectives
  - to provide complete information about active Croatian scientists
- to ensure the input of initial data on scientists at the level of system administration
- to ensure independent collection/adding of data through the web forms by scientists themselves
- to organize data within relational databases
- to ensure the storage and permanent access to data
- to ensure high-quality of data searching
Short description of the project
  The project ensures permanent data collection about scientists through uniform standardized web interfaces. All the data are organized within relational databases and are open for inspection by scientific and academic community of the Republic of Croatia. This project provides a full information about scientists including their biography, current bibliography (Croatian scientific bibliography CROSBI), education, promotion, awards, work experience, current employment, memberships, activities, and additional information about topics such as knowledge, skills, hobbies, etc.
Project characteristics
  - offers information on scientists that are usually difficult to find at one place
- enables collection of data using the latest information technology
- authenticity is ensured by the fact that scientists provide data on themselves
- project offers support to scientists during the data input and in this way promotes and enhances their information literacy skills
- Who is Who contains the information about scientists registered at the MSES
- within the database scientists are tied to their home institutions; the institutions can be offered the localized versions of the system, e.g. Who is Who at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing? and those versions can be further updated and adjusted to the needs of the specific institution
- promotion of Croatian scientists abroad
- possible pilot-project for other areas (e.g. Who is Who in Croatian Business)
- encourages the exchange of information among the scientists and fosters their co-operation
- uniqueness