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Bogomil Obelić - Projects

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Natural radioisotopes in investigation of karst ecosystems and dating (2007-2011)
Project type: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports
Project ID: 098-0982709-2741

Project description:
The goals of the Project are: (1) Improvement of the existing methods of low activity of 3H and 14C measurement by introducing new sample preparation and measurement techniques; (2) Use of natural radioactive and stable isotopes to study natural phenomena in karst and to monitor anthropogenic influence on the atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere; (3) Use of natural radioactive and stable isotopes in study and protection of water resources in Croatia, especially in karst areas; (4) Application of isotopic methods in paleoclimatological investigations; (5) Participation in archaeological and paleontological investigation projects that require 14C dating method.

Project head: Bogomil Obelić

Institution: "Rudjer Boskovic" Institute, Zagreb

Project URL: Obelić Bogomil
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Projct desription on MZT website(link)
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