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Ph.D. Snježana Kordić, Visiting professor

Ph.D. Saša Zelenika, Full professor

Assoc.Prof. Milan Kujundžić, Assistant professor

Ph.D. Ružica Beljo-Lučić, Associate professor

Ph.D. Tatjana Jukić, Associate professor

M.Sc. Dinka Pančić, Research Assistant

M.Sc. Danko Markovinović, Instructor

Assoc.Prof. Tonči Matulić, Assistant professor

Prof. Krešimir Rotim, Full professor

Ph.D. Branko Grčić, Full professor

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Željko Butković - Teaching

Undergraduate classes

Electronics 1
Basic properties of semiconductors. Semiconductor diodes. Bipolar and unipolar transistors. Transistor operation. Transistor as a switch. Thyristors and other semiconductor switching devices. Solar cells. Light emitting diodes. Laser diodes. Time and frequency response of linear circuits. Diode circuits (nonlinear wave shaping, rectifiers, voltage regulators). Basic amplifier circuits with bipolar and unipolar transistors. Differential amplifier. Cascading of amplifier stages.

Electronics 2
Frequency and pulse response of amplifiers. Feedback, stability and frequency compensation. Sinusoidal oscillators. Multivibrators. Generators of nonsinusoidal waveforms. Power amplifiers. Reference voltage sources and voltage regulators. Basic analog integrated circuits. Operational amplifiers and basic circuits with operational amplifiers. Comparators. Analog switches. Signal conversion circuits. Optoelectronic devices and circuits.

Microelectronic Circuits
Devices for bipolar microelectronic circuits. Basic building blocks in analog bipolar circuits. Operational amplifiers and integrated voltage regulators. Small and large scale digital bipolar circuits. Devices for MOS microelectronic circuits. Static and dynamic CMOS digital circuits. CMOS memory circuits. CMOS analog circuits. BiCMOS circuits. GaAs analog and digital microelectronic circuits. Design rules.

Graduate classes

Custom Design of VLSI/ULSI Circuits
Trade-off between increased complexity and fabrication technology of microelectronic circuits. Design procedures of application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC): gate arrays, programmable gate-arrays, standard cells, macrocells. Comparison of various ASIC types and criteria for choosing the most appropriate approach. Hierarhycal circuit decomposition. Design tools for VLSI/ULSI circuits. Electrical characteristics and layout data of basic cells in nMOS, CMOS and BiCMOS technologies. Examples of basic structures. Layout design. Future trends.

Programmable Logic Circuits
Classification of circuits by integration criteria. Implementations and characteristics of PLD technologies. Analysis of programmable logic system structure. Programmable cellular logic and logical functions of the sum-of-products type. Definitions of primitives and macrocells. Transient characteristics of PLD and clock signals. Integrated circuits personalization. CEA tools for implementation and programming of integrated circuits. Reliability and testing of PLD devices.