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Ph.D. Snježana Kordić, Visiting professor

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Assoc.Prof. Milan Kujundžić, Assistant professor

Ph.D. Ružica Beljo-Lučić, Associate professor

Ph.D. Tatjana Jukić, Associate professor

M.Sc. Dinka Pančić, Research Assistant

M.Sc. Danko Markovinović, Instructor

Assoc.Prof. Tonči Matulić, Assistant professor

Prof. Krešimir Rotim, Full professor

Ph.D. Branko Grčić, Full professor

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Leo Frkanec - Scientific interests

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Interests: - Supramolecular ( Host / Guest) chemistry, particularly the nature of molecular recognition; - design and chemical synthesis of artificial ionophores and molecular receptors (aza-crown ethers and calixarene derivatives) for small natural products (e.g. amino acids). - Total synthesis Siderophores (microbial iron chelators ) Chrysobactin. - Molecular recognition guest molecule through non-covalent bonds and procedure for chemical separation, including chiral recognition, (e.g. extraction and transport through liquid membranes); - Spectroscopic methods (NMR, IR) associated with conformation analysis, - Computational aspect in organic chemistry (molecular modeling and molecular dynamics methods), - Organogelators; self-assembles, gels formation by low-molecular-weight organic molecules, Photoinduced gelation . - Amphiphilic cyclodextrin derivatives as building blocks for supramolecular assembly. Cyclodextrin vesicles for drug delivery. Catanionic cyclodextrins for Genocomplexes, and their use in gene delivery .