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Ivica Kisić - Projects

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Project type: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports
Project ID: 0178049

Project description:
Water erosion, Erosional drift, Surface run-off, Stagnosol albic, USLE, Rain erosivity, Soil erodibility, Soil loss tolerance, Conventional tillage, Conservation tillage, Crop rotation, Factor C - vegetation cover, Aquatic ecosystems, Heavy metals, Soil compaction, Erosional drift texture, Chemical characteristics of erosional drift (pH, content of plant available potassium and phosphorus, conten of organic matter), Rain intensity, Coefficient of erosional impact of rain, Sustainable land management (SLM), Sustainable agriculture, Yield, Yield components.

Project head: Ivica Kisić

Institution: Faculty of Agronomy, Zagreb
Duration: 2002 - 2006
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Projct desription on MZT website(link)