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Ivan Prskalo - Biography

Ivan Prskalo was born June 15th, in Sarajevo, where he finished elementary School, Classic lyce and Faculty for PE. After he finished postgraduate studies, he became master of science, in September 18th, 1989. In February 2nd, in 1998, he became Doctor of social sciences, , field of educational sciences, kinesiology. He worked as a professor of PE. Since October 15th, 1998, he was employed in Teachers academy in Petrinja as lecturer, faculty professor, and docent for collegiums: Kinesiology and Methodics of PE. In January 10th, 1999, he became vice director, and in January 1st, 2001, dean. In year 2002/03 and 2004/05, he lectures on scientifical postgraduate studies on Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb, and since 2003/04, he lectures collegium Basics of Kinesiology on Teachers Faculty of University in Zagreb. Since October 1st, he has been employed at Teachers faculty of University in Zagreb as a teacher for collegiums Kinesiology and Methodics of PE, and December 20th, 2005, he has been appointed as Head of Department for Kinesiological Education. He published more then 50 scientifical and professional papers and 4 books. In Year 2003 he became president of Association of Kinesiologists of teachers schools and guidance supervisors of Croatia. In year 2004 he became member of Editorial Board in scientific journal Kinesiology, and in year 2006 he became president of Editorial Board in journal Methodics-area Kinesiological methodics. He is a member of National council for faculty education 25.2.2005. - 10.4.2007. Since June 28th, 2005,to November 19th, 2007, he has been a member of National group for tracking of Bolognia process.