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Bogomil Obelić - Projekti

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EURO-MED: Study, Characterization and Analysis of Degradation Phenomena of Ancient, Traditional and Improved Building Materials orf Geologic Origin
Šifra projekta: ERB-IC18-CT98-0384
Vrsta projekta: EU

Opis projekta
The main objective of this Concerted Action (CA) is to coordinate various academic and investigation groups of the European Union and Third Countries in the Mediterranean Area on scientific investigations dealing with the materials of geologic origin which are used in construction and rehabilitation of the Cultural Heritage. These materials can be traditional or improved by technological processes. All these groups are working on the study and the characterization on a multidisciplinar scientific way and use appropriate scientific-technological instrumentation. On the same way these groups are specialized in the analysis and the quantification of alterations and degradations produced by various environmental impacts. Alteration is the quantifiable change of material used in construction when the material still preserves its function: However, degradation means strong alterations which transform the material that it looses its function. Some alterations are caused by chemical origin, like emanations of gases and disintegration caused by mineral salts in the atmosphere; others are of physical origin, like dilatations and contractions caused by temperature gradients or by geological risks (principally earthquakes), and finally some are caused by human activity and aggression. Principal co-ordinator: Prof.José Luis Briansó, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

Voditelj projekta: Bogomil Obelić
E-mail adresa:

Ustanova: Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
Trajanje: 1988 - 2001

URL Projekta: http://www.irb.hr/korisnici/obelic/euro-med/CA.htm