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Mislav Ježić - Biography

Born in 1952 in Zagreb. Graduated from the classical grammar school in 1970. In 1978 graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb University, in philosophy and indology as majors, and in 1978 in linguistics and ancient Greek philology as a parallel study. In 1983 attained his Ph.D. in philology with the thesis entitled “Problems of Exegesis of the Rigvedic Hymns”. 1978-1984 assistant lecturer in the Department of Linguistics and Oriental Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. 1984 assistant professor. 1992 associate professor in the same department. Head of Chair of Indology. As Head of Department in 1991-1995, established studies of turkology and hungarology and the Chair of Mathematical Linguistics. Teaches Indian philology: lectures and seminars in Sanskrit, Middle Indo-Aryan, Hindi, Ancient Indian Literature and in Old Iranian (Avestan). At graduate level linguistics in Zagreb teaches the course Linguistics and Philology, and in Zadar Introduction to Indo-European. Since 1992 teaches Indian Philosophy in the undergratuate programme of philosophy and Indian Religions as part of the religious studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jesuits in Zagreb. In the Croatian Studies at Zagreb University headed the Croaticum (comparative study of Croatian culture) from 1993 to1995. Together with Prof. Dr Radoslav Katičić (from Vienna University) taught and organized classes in Croatian culture versus the Western (Mediterranean and Middle-European) and Eastern (East-European and Oriental) heritage. Since 1991 president of the Croatian Paneuropean Union. Organized or coorganized several international meetings and symposia on the endangered cultural heritage of Croatia, on economy and ethics, on ecology and environment, etc.; organized visits of foreign delegations, delivery of humanitarian help and sending information on Croatia and events in the region to international bodies. Since 1995 first vice-president of the International Paneuropean Union. In 1999. reelected to that position. In January 1996 organized the exhibition on history of Croatian art and culture in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. It was mounted later in Paris, Vienna, Cairo, Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, etc. 1992-1993 president of the Croatian Philosophical Society. Reorganized it, organized seven scholarly symposia and helped promoting philosophical publications. 1993 -1998 vice-president of the National Commission for UNESCO. 1994 - 1998 and 1998-2000 member of the National Commission for High Education. Since 2000 member of the Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 1978-1979 indological specialization at the University in Bonn. 1989-1990 visiting assistant professor at the University of Delhi in the Department of Slavic Studies; also lectured in the Department of Sanskrit. 1996-1997 spent his sabbatical as a Fulbright scholar and a guest associate professor at Harvard University in the Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies. Lectured a comparative philological course scheduled as a subject for graduate students in Indology, Philosophy, Greek Philology, Religious Studies and Linguistics. Published books: The Rigvedic Hymns. Sources of Indian Culture and the Indo-European Heritage, Zagreb 1987; Thinking and the Word on the Being in the World (a collection of philosophico-philological studies), Zagreb 1989; The Mahabharata (indological elaboration of a condensed translation), Zagreb 1989; Mediterranean an Central European Cultural Landscapes of Croatia (in collaboration with eminent scholors in archaeology, history of art and literature), CPEU, Zagreb 1996, Rigvedic Upanishads with original text and translation, introduction, commentary and analyses, MH, Zagreb 1999, Oriental Religions (in collaboration with Milka Jauk-Pinhak and Klara Gönc-Moačanin), Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb 2001. Articles: over sixty articles, studies, reviews and reports on indology, philosophy, classical philology, linguistics and Croatian studies published in Croatia or (esp. indological) abroad (Lucknow, Ajmer, Torino, Berlin, Paris, Washington, Sydney...). Main fields of work: Vedic studies, Indian epics, beginnings of Indian and Greek Philosophy, linguistic description of aspects of Indian languages, recently also European and international context of the Croatian cultural heritage. Main contributions: research of the genesis of the Vedic pantheon and of parts of the Vedic corpus, historical philological analysis of the strata in Upanishadic and epic texts, origins of and parallels in ancient Indian and Greek philosophy. Participated in a number of world, international and national scholarly meetings and conferences in indology, philosophy and linguistics. Initiated and coorganizes the Dubrovnik International Conference on the Sanskrit Epics and Puranas (1994, 1997, 1999, 2002). Member of the International Associatian of Sanskrit Studies, American Oriental Society, International Association of Vedic Studies, Croatian Philosophical Society, Croatian Philological Society, Croatian Society of Classical Philologists, etc. Member of several editorial boards of scholarly journals (Filologija, Filozofska istraživanja, Synthesis philosophica, Disputatio philosophica, Književna smotra). Member of the editorial board (Oriental and Indo-European Religions) of the Lexicon of Religions of the Lexicographical Institute and of the editorial board of the Proceedings of the Dubrovnik International Conference on the Sanskrit Epics and Puranas. Since 2001 general editor of the vols. IV and V of the edition Croatia and Europe published by the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. 1995 awarded by the President of Republic with the Medal of “Danica Hrvatska” (Croatian Morning Star) with the image of Rogerius Boskovich for merits in scholarship. Since 1992 associate member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Since May 18, 2000, member of the Academy.